Week 11- Sensory World

The last but not least Blog, the review of my blogs, I have been looking for and learning how to use the knowledge of sensory to marketing, so I want to talk about the relationship between the sensory marketing and brand positioning in this blog. We live in a sensory world. Initially, human recognizes the world by the senses. Following human’s senses is stimulated in again and again, metal begin to change that the purchase behavior is changed from passive to active. Why does this phenomenon appear? Who does make all these temptation? Smelling coffee aroma trailing from Starbucks, touching the delicate body of IPhone mobile, listening to the singing original music from the SOHO bar…… When the temptation is from the consumer sensory experience rather than business and when fully meet the mind, a new marketing mode was born different from the traditional marketing, this is “sensory marketing”. Marketing techniques that aim to seduce the consumer by using his senses to influence his feelings and behavior.(Krishna, A. 2009)


All the senses are opened, feeling and appreciating the sensory experience of branding and using the senses to build brand, this effect is amazing. Comprehensive and complete sensory experience can produce domino effect–impression is stored in the brain. if certain sense is touched that will be lead to next and then next…… the whole memory and emotional scene is instantaneously expanded. There are countless cases in the world including product innovation and retail experience. It is successful explanation that how to establish marketing program in the five senses instead of relying on vision and hearing in traditional. Successful application of the two senses only was done half, using all the senses to create comprehensive effect should be the final goal. Enterprise should be constant pursuit to create the future of the brand.

Sight   2918552_181521182537_2

A brand should convey valuable information to consumers. Visual communication is one of important ways. studies have shown that in people received outside information, more than 83% of them were through the eyes, 11% of people had the aid of hearing, 3.5% of people were rely on touch, and the rest of people were from taste and smell. A successful mark symbol is the personality concentration of brand. McDonald’s golden ‘M’ form arch and Apple computer’s apple logo missed a corner have the strengthening effect for their brand.

Sound   music_image001

Use beautiful or unique voice to attract consumer attention and form unique voice in the consumers’ mind. the cheerful music in McDonald’s is fully reflection of its personality;  the melodious music in Kentucky Fried chicken shows that it is different from McDonald’s brand culture; the light music in Clothing store promote consumer purchase, that shows its recreational, relaxed characteristic at the same time. The combination of deep music and inside lights in a coffee shop provide communication and life situation for customers who can chat and enjoy life.

Touch   2009121709355516

Take the sense of touch for example, in the Audi company haptic involved the scope which not only make drivers feel comfortable, more involved in biological engineering, operation logic, equipment appearance, button, and people push, pull, shift, steering, feel and touch and so on in the car. Through the detailed strict request, make the Audi car owners enjoy nearly perfect touch feeling.

Taste   20120815102549381

Commonly, taste marketing appears in food industry. They often provide consumers with free chance to taste in terminal sales link, which is beneficial to stimulate consumers’ taste to realize a brand personality type transfer, such as Nandos sauce.

Smell   Girl_in_Flowery_Fields_c800x600

The human nose can distinguish over 10,000 different odors, besides being the most sensitive of the senses; it has a tremendous evocative power of memories and experiences over the years. The human nose can distinguish over 10,000 different odors except the most sensitive senses; it has a tremendous power of recalling memories and experiences over the years. the popcorn booth in Disneyland, when the business is slow, the “artificial popcorn fragrance” can be opened. Soon, the customers will come to the popcorn booth due to fragrance. the perfume from airline stewardess’s body in Singapore airlines is special modulation ” hot towel perfume taste”, becoming the patent fragrance in Singapore airlines.


In addition, if the brand let a person have complete sensory and emotional experience, that will be more powerful, for example, conspicuous green mermaid trademark in Starbucks. It gives a person with visual experience that gorgeous American fashion painting, art, hanging lamp in the whole metope and fashionable and comfortable furniture. Slate ground, the adornment of the imported materials and different mug cause the Starbucks’ tactile experience. You can find the kind of auditory experience due to unique music, metal chain and coffee beans voice in Starbucks. besides, you can enjoy taste and smell experience because of perfect coffee from Arab with inviting fragrance and great feeling during drinking。This is charming five senses rendering in Starbucks.

Five senses comprehensive stimulus creates a unique brand impression in the consumers’ mind. Therefore, the use of sensory brand concept becomes a comprehensive mode transmission of new era.


Krishna, A. (2009) Sensory Marketing: Research on the Sensuality of Products.
Publisher: Routledge Academic, 1 edition.


Week 10-Air Force One Of The Consumer

Boxing Day Will Coming,that lead me think about the Woman consumer!In the modern society, who seized the women, who will seize the opportunity to make money. If you want to make money quickly, it should be aiming to women’s pocket. Beauty and cosmetic industry is excessive profit industry. In recent years cosmetic industry and luxury industry developed quickly in China, and the Chinese female consumers’ purchasing power is closely connected with the improvement of purchasing power. The number of female consumers is huge accounting for the most of the entire social overall consumption. According to “China Statistical Yearbook – 2012”, the female consumers accounted for 48.7% of the population, the young and middle-aged women have a great influence on consumption activities. Their age is in the twenty years of age to 55 years of age who occupied 21% of the total population. Therefore, the female consumers are very important in purchasing behavior. If the number of actual buyers and purchasing decision makers will be collected, this ratio will be higher. Because the women is many kinds of role including a daughter, wife, mother, housewife and so on at the same time in a family, making them not only to buy necessary goods and most children’s products, also the old man supplies and household goods of the main buyers. Therefore the related products manufacturers all want to recognize that women are not only the user of enterprise products, but also the actual products buyers, or important people to purchase behavior who has the power to make decisions.


Kardes(2011,p.10) describe that Consumer response central to our definition of consumer behavior are consumers’ emotional, mental, and behavioral responses to goods and their marketing. When the male consumers go shopping, especially to buy daily necessities of life, household appliances, they pay more attention to the basic functions of commodities and actual utility. They have strong rational control ability when they purchase large valuable merchandise. While women consumers focus on goods appearance, shape, especially the performance of emotional factors, and they often generate buying motivation due to the emotional factors. It is the meaning of brand, design colour producing associations, commodity shape bringing aesthetic feeling or environmental atmosphere formation of sweet feeling that can make the female consumers to produce purchasing motivation. Sometimes, this behavior is impulsive purchase. To large extent, environment in shopping site and the promotions specialist’s explaining and persuading can control the purchase of the female consumers. Sometimes, even their previous purchase decision can be changed and decide to buy promotional products. Therefore, the psychological characteristics of the female consumers should be analyzed adequately in marketing, mining potential women consumption market.


I think that the female consumer psychology has some characteristics. First of all, female consumers are the pursuit of fashion. Even though the different ages woman have different consumer psychology, whether young women or older women are willing to present themself to beauty. Secondly, the female consumers pay attention to the appearance of goods. The appearance will affect the cognition of female consumers on the quality of the goods and the price, so during the selection of merchandise, they will be very focused commodity color and style. For example, they like the innovative design, gorgeous and fragrant goods. Thirdly, many female consumers purchase goods in order to satisfy the basic needs, possibly, in addition to show their social status and their different from others. Driven by this psychological, they will be the pursuit of luxury products, rather than focus on the usefulness of goods, as long as show their own identity and status, they will be happy to buy. Last but not least, Phillip (2011) explain that an emotion is instinctive, a feeling occurs when the emotion has been cognitively evaluated and a more considered response is obtained. Female emotions are more easily affected by external factors, so they have a strong inductive understanding for the product. Women with strong skills, appeal and ability to communicate, they are good at impact other consumers by persuading. Female consumers will publicize the satisfaction feelings of their own use of the product for other people. In turn, the women shopping decisions are affected by the experience of other consumers. This feature makes the women’s word of mouth effect is even better than the effect of advertising. Therefore, understanding the female consumer psychology can help to control the trend of product marketing.



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Week9- Touches your heart and touches your wallet

Consumer psychology with touch screen game

Among the massive high-technology products, many consumers were attracted by touch screen products since they came out. As the newest achievement of development of technology, touch screen products are applied in various occasions in reality. It plays different roles in different situation. For instance, touch screen query machine, touch screen POS terminal machine imported in departments and banks, touch screen order machine imported in restaurants and hotels as well as the touch screen teaching system in school teaching system.


John describes that ‘touch screen’ is a latest computer input devices. The users can operate the main engine by touching icons or characters on the computer screen with fingers, thus keyboard and mouse operating can be snapped out of and interactive will be more straightforward. Touch screen has the advantages of durability, easy to operate, saving space and easy to communicate. It caters for people’s consumer psychology. This new technology opens new platform for game industry. Since 2007, iPhone started selling, and we entered touch screen electronic age, Many touch-screen electronic products are produced, such as tablet computer, touch screen mobile phone, touch screen television. Diverse portable mobile electronic products provide market for touch screen games. Increasingly people choose touch screen game and it formed the hugest shock to traditional game market.


I believe the fact that people prefer touch screen game is led by two factors. One is the affection of touching. Bertil (2009) defines that touch is the feeling that creatures feel themselves especially the mechanical contact (touch and stimulate). It is caused by the receptor affected by pressure and traction. The moment one person was born; touch is the first feeling to perceive the world. Perhaps thus touch makes people obtain much more sense of reality and sense of security than any other feelings. Secondly, Impact of interactivity and interactive principle. ZhuFeng(1996)explains interactivity is interacted and verified mutually and mood fluctuation is caused. Interactivity is a positive behavior. This way can influence people’s mood easily, normally delighted and excited mood. Interactivity principle is one of the five principles of psychology. Interactivity principal expounds the functional activities effect that is under the leading of ideology, each factor interact and cause psychology. Due to the operating method of touch screen game enhances the interactivity, which enhances the interactive psychology. Therefore, consumers can be more attracted.

Therefore, touch screen game operate through the way of touching screen, and this simply operated and powerful interactive way short the distance between people’s psychology and game.


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Week 8-The Gossip Girl In The Market

In recent years, the Internet and electronic commerce of the booming development create new commercial behavior and economic mode, besides, it gradually change the human life habit. People’s shopping behavior extends to a new form of network store or electronic stores from the traditional entity shop. Therefore, by the operator of the network store, how to systematically construct customer relationship is in order to achieve promotion of the customer satisfaction and loyalty that is closely related to the enterprise profit.


I insist that the perfect online commodity review system is one of the key factors to keep competitive advantage for network shops. As a new type of public praise spread mode, online product reviews become the most important source to know the quality of our products and services for consumers and businessmen. What factors affect consumers’ purchase decision in online product reviews, which generate have a great influence on the product sales. This topic has become an important issue which people pay attention to.

The consumer decision-making process is the process of problem solving. Complex purchase decisions may have five stages including problem recognition, information collection, evaluation and selection, purchase and behavior after purchase. The network review belongs to one of the information collection, and the information collection work is service for comparison the evaluation and purchase decision. It is gradually increase that the information collection and transmission in the process of consumer purchase decisions status. In a specific case, it almost becomes the main factor of the customers’ purchasing behavior.

The study found that “online comments quantity” and “commodity attention” have significant impact on the online product sales. More importantly, we find that “comment on timeliness” and “the value of customers review” also have very important significance influence on the online product sales. I maintain that the total number of the online comment affect significantly product sales. This is because that the more online comment, and the more purchase product. Customers have group psychology and risk aversion consciousness. It illustrates that the product is recognized by the public if the purchase quantity is more. In addition, the uncertainty which purchase brought about is low and the transaction cost is low. Take Amazon for example, the user can search products according to product sales. This means that the sales good product can cause the attention of the customer and bring more sales for the enterprise.


In addition, I think that the online comment creates impact on emotion, so as to have significant influence on yield sales. Writing online comments by customers express their practical view to products. A large number of online comments reflect a product’s intrinsic value that is very important to the potential buyers. It gives potential buyer an indirect commodity use experience to make them feel the value of the products and help them to reduce transaction costs. Positive and negative comment told the potential buyer that product is worth buying, which may change the customer’s original plan and change the product sales.


Therefore, network comments to the target product can affect consumers’ emotions and rational analysis, so as to change consumer purchase behavior.

Week 7-Music Marketing

Music Marketing

This article will mention that music marketing; it is not only confined to the background music to the influence of the consumers. Briefly, music marketing is music as a means of marketing, that is, enterprises take advantage of features of music art and enhanced communication and interaction with consumers. Moreover, meet the needs of consumers; promote product sales to achieve the goal of enterprise business goals. In addition, following the competition intensifies, music marketing as a breakthrough in visual contact, strengthen brand memory, easy to spread a feelings with the tools already more and more get enterprise regard highly.

Music played an important role in Advertising theory’s resonance marketing. “Resonance Model” was presented by an America advertising theory expert called T. Schwartz in the 1970 s. He believes that the success of brand advert come from the resonance produced by target consumer. Advertising may arouse consumer’s inner memories; produce the unforgettable experience, at the same time also endowed the brand advertising and specific meaning in the consumers’ mind leave a mark. The use of music should be consistent with the target brand or corporate image,Because music can affect consumers feel of the brand. Music and sound effects can lead to emotional upheaval. The reason is music will resonate with emotional memory.

There are two things, which can arouse the audience resonant in the music: one is music itself, the other is singing or play music star. The usually music marketing way is concert or sponsoring some music festival, and find some stars who are similar to brand image for endorsement. Good enterprise deeply knows how to combine star power with music power.

For example: Toyota company once obtains huge success in music power   by music marketing. As a Japanese enterprise, Toyota has provided financial assistance to famous country music festival in Australia Tamworth state. This festival has an estimated 2600 field live performance, distributed in 120 fields. Many small live concert and the prize presentation ceremony’s several awards use the company name, Toyota. It is no doubt that this marketing way is greatly raised popularity and awareness. The most importantly, Toyota also shows a few sale models in Australia at the scene, such as Land Cruise, HiLux etc. At same time, the latest models were also show out.

Music marketing has been important marketing means for Pepsi. Pepsi Music TV Programme, it is an important activity for Pepsi sponsor entertainment career every year. In addition, established star resource by music marketing provides continuous brand spokesperson for Pepsi. This TV music programme has been held to the 6th. “Pepsi New Star” make many people who like music involved. The end of the star, Rain, join in that make Pepsi family have a perfect 10 Pepsi stars, including Beckham \ Henry \ Carlos \ Raul \ Janet Jackson \ Britney Spears \ Rain \ Christina Aguilera \ Massey. Therefore, music marketing of a Pepsi stereo three-dimensional is constituted.

How music affects consumer psychology? In my opinion, music has inclusive. Music is a universal language, without translation and rhetoric. Everyone just needs to understand it by feeling. And normally people have similar feeling for same music. Companies can use music to achieve effective communication with consumers, and expand the sales range. Despite the regions, cultures and trends are different. Music can spread in the effective range; consumers cannot close their ears, so consumer only pleasant and passive receive the information. Today, The variety of “hearing” media helps music to widely communication, such as radio, film, television, multimedia computer, MP3, etc. So music was everywhere in our lives. The music, which is including the information about the company and target product, will permeate every corner of society, and allows consumers to receive information unknowingly. Human like use music to express their feelings. Different songs can touch the consumers’ different aspects of emotion. Therefore, use of music to impress the hearts of customers in order to achieve marketing goals.

Week 5-Tactile potential influence for consumers

Tactile potential influence for consumers

Nowadays, our society has been evolved from industrial society to the information society, the consumption of people are not for demand function only, which means the spiritual consumption accounts for a large proportion, therefore, we can say that we have entered the era of experience economy. Furthermore, the most crucial factors for design product is that having the experience of sensory and making it comfortable, tactile sense is not only an important sense for people to percept things, but also it is the link of emotion communication between people and products.


A mount of products that tactile sense controlled the using function which good or bad, as the products can bring the senses of comfortable and reliable which bring a great convince for consumers. When people walk in a shopping mall, then decide to buy some electronic products such as keyboard, mouse, steering wheel or daily life products, people willing to try these products, therefore, at this moment tactile sense plays a key role to consumer’s psychology, the factors of comfortable feels make people having the high evaluation for product’s quality.


For example: Razer, Logitech and some daily necessities company’s successes because of they use the touch of bionics design, at the same time, it correspond with people’s daily habits and increasing the sense of comfort when using the product. Furthermore, there is a special example can be well proved the importance of the sense of touch that is for visual disturbance personage. During use of the product, touch is the most important channel of ordinarily resident outside the hearing.


Following the tactile perception, through analysis of product design, materials, cooler and tactile feel and grip products holders of behavior analysis. For this reason, explore relationships between forms with tactile feel. In the meantime, coupled with the combination of some commercial experience, unwittingly making consumers deep understanding of comfort and practicality, and purchase products.

Week 4-The Color Design Of Food Packaging With Taste Implied

Commodity packaging is an important factor to influence consumer psychology, except advertising and price, particularly in the food industry. The visual stimulation of food packaging leads consumer to produce taste reaction. So packing is good or bad, which directly influences on product sales market. The basic principle of food packaging design affecting the sense of taste is “Synesthesia”. In psychology theory, a feeling, which can lead other areas of feeling, is called synesthesia. I will introduce how to use color design to achieve a taste-implied effect.


When regarding the color design of stimulating taste in the application of packaging, it needs to consider the taste of the food, taste, grade, the difference between similar products and many other factors to choose the color of packaging. The function of color is to convey the characteristics of the product and the harmonious combination of colors, with leading consumers’ taste of implied. For example, red fruit let people feel a sweet taste. So red packaging is mainly used to transfer the sweet taste. People can associate yellow with freshly baked cake. Thus, generally the use of yellow can express the flavor of the food. Orange yellow is between the red and yellow, so can transfer the taste as sweet and slightly sour, such as oranges. Moreover, the expressions of fresh, tender, crisp, and sour taste are generally by green series color performance. But in real life, the uncommon blue food available for human consumption. Therefore, the main function of the blue in the food packaging design is to enhance the visual impact, the more health and elegance. The famous Danish blue box packaging of cookies is an example.图像

Some colors can give people a better sense of taste implied, but also some color on the contrary. Such as gray, black make people feel bitter, dark blue, cyan looks a little salty and dark green gives a sour feeling. Within the large-scale use, these colors should be used carefully for food packaging.图像

Except the tongue taste (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, spicy), There are a variety of “tastes”, such as the soft, sticky, hard, crunchy, smooth, etc. Designers often use strength and lightness of color to design packaging. For example, using magenta, red to indicate the sweetness heavy food, using scarlet expressed moderate sweetness of food, and the orange-red usually used to represent the sweetness lighter food. There are some foods or drinks directly with the people have become accustomed to the color of the product to indicate its taste, Such as the special color is dark brown for coffee and chocolate.图像

Some sense of taste is not easy to express with color, such as: bitter, salty, hemp, spicy, etc. The designers must rely on special design by different material,shape and atmosphere rendering design to express the sense of taste, so that consumers can clearly achieve the taste information.

In summary, the uses of the color elements in food packaging give consumers visually different taste experience, thus to affect the sales of food.